‘Everything music’ is my Ethos as I seem to surround myself with it every single day of my adult life. I got interested in singing back in my teens and joined a school Jazz Funk band in my final year. Through my 20’s and 30’s whilst holding down full time jobs, bringing up 4 children (1 being my husband) and running a home, I hooked up with different bands to sing lead and backing vocals. Those years were great fun and I got the opportunity to sing so many different genres and work with many talented musicians.

In my early 40’s I decided to make a break from the 9 to 5 and venture into self-employment. I promised myself a year to see if I could make it work, 6 years later I’m still going strong and enjoying every minute!

Today, I spend my days teaching vocals to students at my home and at a local music school as well as song writing and collaborating with other artists. I also continue to sing with various bands in my local area.

Over the years I have become an established vocalist and entertainer who can keep any event buzzing from start to finish. One client recently asked me to talk about his wife’s career at her retirement party, so between my sets I told stories, jokes and introduced guests making the whole evening run smoothly which they were truly grateful for.

If you would like any more information of what I can offer then please take a look at my testimonials and feedback. All comments have been offered by satisfied customers who have been extremely happy with my service. I look forward to being of service to you.